Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

What a great surprise, 5000 page views for Christmas. Well, to everybody out there, we hope you are enjoying yourself and having a wonderful Christmas, or whatever you are celebrating!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from us to you!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oysters in La Galeria La Fayette

Last weekend we were in Berlin :)
It was the first time in 4 years we went back together. Such a lovely city. Yes, we will post pics, don't worry. But for now let's start with one thing we did, which we have wanted to do for so long. It is one of those things you plan on trying one day and some do, others however don't. One of these things was: Eating Oysters.
Last year when I was at the TechEd in Berlin my colleague decided to try them, but I was too scared. However, ever since I thought when my sweetie and I get back to Berlin, we will go to the La Fayette and be brave and both eat one oyster.
So there we were, in the delicacy area, both a bit irritated and went on to the fish stand. We ordered 2 oysters and got a nice white plate with 2 oysters, some lemon slices and bread with butter. We added the lemon, removed the muscle from the shell and ate it. Yes, we did. And it is true what people say: it tasted like eating the ocean. No idea how anyone can eat a complete plate of those, but it was worth a try. And maybe I will eat another one on our next visit sometime next year.
You don't believe it? Here is the plate with the empty oyster shell:

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hello everybody.

So, how did you celebrate Halloween this year?

Any fun trick or treating or parties with haunted houses? We actually had a quiet night on our couch. We bought loads of chocolate and sweets and watched the current season of Pretty Little Liars. I mean, is there any other show that fits Halloween better, all those secrets and blackmailing.... It was awesome. Maybe next year we will find our way to a nice party. I mean, look at me, I am made for Halloween :D

Monday, October 31, 2011

Zoo Frankfurt

Hi guys,

we already told you we made tons of pics while we were in Frankfurt. We did share some, but if you read this blog for longer than the last 5 minutes then you know that we love the Zoo!!! No wonder we went to the Zoo in Frankfurt on our very short 3 day trip. And what can we say, it really is a beautiful zoo. The entrance is really majestic, although the first impression when entering is not that big. The first few areas are not as breath taking as we are used to. Although you do get to see camels pretty early after entrance and the Giraffes, which is not usual.

Presenting the entrance.

Since we only had 2,5 days in Frankfurt, we made sure to see as much as possible in as little as time as manageable. So, we got to the Zoo Saturday morning right after it opened up. We have never been to a zoo that early and the animals just really woke up. Some of them are obviously not early birds, especially not the flamingoes.

We stood there for quite a while, because it was really funny seeing one after another stick its head up, taking a look around and then deciding to tuck back in. A few did wake up and walk around, but the sight was just hilarious.

One of our favorite spots in this zoo definitely was the underwater area. No, not the fishys, we loved the seals and those chubby little guys, the brown fur seals. We can't recall how much time we stood at that aquarium, but it was a while....

This little guy, I totally adored. Isn't it the funniest animal on the planet? I want one. And look, it looks just like me!

Okay, we still have hundreds of pics from that day, although we were done after 4 hours. We are really trained well on walking through zoos. You could actually say it is one of our passions. Oh boy, that sounds so lame. Ever notice that lame is made of the same letters as male, coincidence? lol

Enough of that, we hope you liked the pics, want more, just drop a comment. See ya soon.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturdays Sacrament

What name shall it be?
Hello love-birds. Ever thought of this? After all I am assuming you have different last names. If not, I hope you're not related! BUT, you are lucky, you wouldn't have to decide. For all the rest of you, if you haven't thought of it yet, now is the time! I mean, here in Muenster you should save the date at the registry office 6 months prior to the wedding. And by then you should have an idea what you shall be named later on.
This can be a tough one if you both are proud of your name and so used to it. The older you get the tougher it will be to get rid of a name you have been carrying all your life. Often the men want to keep their names. Well, if you're both men, good luck on that ;) If you're both women, no name at all? If you're a straight couple, do you really want to go the traditional way? It might determine who is in charge in your marriage and you do want the upper hand right?
In some cases it might be easier, depending on whether one of you has a really stupid last name, like diaper or diarrhoea. If you carry a famous name you either want to keep it or get rid of it, I guess. If you dislike your own family you might even be happy to get your partner's name, if you both don't like your families, well, it might be hard to decide.
Honestly, I always thought I would keep my name forever. I loved my last name, but when I met Ann, I realized that my very German last name does not fit to her American name at all. Also, I really loved her name and so decided, I will take hers. And I liked the idea of having an American last name on my masters degree in English :D
We know it is pretty common to keep ones name, but if we are to have kids one day, I want them to have one last name. Also, it just feels a lot more like being the start of a new family, if you carry the same name when marrying. I guess, it is a decision not only from a practical perspective. I mean, the one who changes the last name, needs a new passport and needs to update insurance, bank accounts, credit cards and all other things ever set up with ones details. But either you mentally really feel like wanting to become a part of the other's family or you want to stick to what you know. This is not an easy decision, so think it through and choose wisely. Oh, and don't forget to consider the awkward combinations this can lead to, we all saw “Meet the Fockers”, right?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturdays Sacrament

The Cake
It might seem very early, but if you think food, flowers and drinks were a tough one, this is gonna kill you! You have a number of choices to make. First of all do you want a huge one layer cake or do you prefer a multi-layer multi-story cake? Do you want frosting or some other garnishing stuff? Does it have to match your clothes and flowers? But not only the decoration is an issue, I mean, come to think of it, you just have to make it match the rest of your decoration. But what kind of cake do you want? Yes, I hear it, chocolate…on a white dress or tux? Oh, yummy, strawberries, especially all over the toddlers. Rum or coffee – don’t even think about it. You do know all your relatives’ children are only waiting for the cake, don’t you? After having poisoned them with the flowers you now want to make them drunk? Come on!
Oh, and your grandmas diabetes you totally forgot about, do you want something extra for her? Will there be enough cake for everyone at all? You could go for the simple vanilla with frosting, but is this really special enough for your wedding? Then again, white can never be wrong, maybe you should do a complete white theme….mh….maybe not. All guests dressed in white, you could play: Find the bride!
Maybe instead of a cake you could provide a huge load of different flavoured cupcakes, but they will be hard to cut, but easy to throw into a face. Don’t take anything citric, it might really hurt. You might be crying, but for Christ Sake not because of the acid in your wedding cake! Just buy a cake and forget the whole thing. Oh and don’t do too many tasting sessions or your wardrobe might be a bit tight by the time you are finally getting married.
As we did not have the big wedding thing, we didn't have a cake either. However we made cookies the night before our wedding. Yes, the night you should sleep apart, the night you are nervous as hell and we were in the kitchen baking heart shaped cookies. Yes, we are special :D
This is me with the cookie basket. Maybe we should post the recipe some time soon.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturdays Sacrament

Matching bouquets in the location
Last time we told you about the nightmare of getting the flowers for you and your sweetie. When you’re at it you might as well order the flowers for the ceremony and for the reception and for dinner and the whole damn room, right? It all has to be matching, you know. So, those flowers you chose for yourselves, do they look good as decoration? Do you even want them to match or is that too same same for you? You could of course go for a different theme, but you better not mix up a pink bouquet with red roses on the tables. And you always have to keep in mind that flowers and season should match. A Winter wedding simply calls for blue or white. A Summer wedding calls for cheery colours and in Spring you would want something less popping. Imagine heavy red roses in spring or sunflowers in winter. Then again it might be even nice not to match the season.
One thing you haven't had to consider before: people will be sitting close to the flowers all night. Try not to take something someone is allergic too, it might end up in a disaster. And if the bouquet is too big, it might ruin the atmosphere at the tables. You do want people to see each other right? You don't? Then think big! Maybe rethink the whole thing again? They should also not ruin the taste of the food and better not poison the kids that are invited. Or do you want to poison them? Oh, you want to poison the kids, but your sweetie wants to rethink the whole thing?
Well, we only had one table since we had a small dinner. We got a nice decoration which we brought to the restaurant before the ceremony in order to have everything ready when dinner starts. Our color scheme matched the whole light summer wedding. It was pink and white and actually we didn't have any flowers on the table. So, you could also do what we did: use candles.
Sadly, we took pics of almost everything, but not of the table, so this is all we've got. My wife wasn't prepared for the photo, so: don't look at the woman in the dress :D