Monday, October 31, 2011

Zoo Frankfurt

Hi guys,

we already told you we made tons of pics while we were in Frankfurt. We did share some, but if you read this blog for longer than the last 5 minutes then you know that we love the Zoo!!! No wonder we went to the Zoo in Frankfurt on our very short 3 day trip. And what can we say, it really is a beautiful zoo. The entrance is really majestic, although the first impression when entering is not that big. The first few areas are not as breath taking as we are used to. Although you do get to see camels pretty early after entrance and the Giraffes, which is not usual.

Presenting the entrance.

Since we only had 2,5 days in Frankfurt, we made sure to see as much as possible in as little as time as manageable. So, we got to the Zoo Saturday morning right after it opened up. We have never been to a zoo that early and the animals just really woke up. Some of them are obviously not early birds, especially not the flamingoes.

We stood there for quite a while, because it was really funny seeing one after another stick its head up, taking a look around and then deciding to tuck back in. A few did wake up and walk around, but the sight was just hilarious.

One of our favorite spots in this zoo definitely was the underwater area. No, not the fishys, we loved the seals and those chubby little guys, the brown fur seals. We can't recall how much time we stood at that aquarium, but it was a while....

This little guy, I totally adored. Isn't it the funniest animal on the planet? I want one. And look, it looks just like me!

Okay, we still have hundreds of pics from that day, although we were done after 4 hours. We are really trained well on walking through zoos. You could actually say it is one of our passions. Oh boy, that sounds so lame. Ever notice that lame is made of the same letters as male, coincidence? lol

Enough of that, we hope you liked the pics, want more, just drop a comment. See ya soon.

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  1. I came here after enjoying yr wedding vid, looking to find out more about you. Sixth paragraph in you compare the words lame and male. Why? We're not so bad. I'll bet the ones at yr wedding are decent guys.

    Do you see the irony in saying that? I'm glad my grrl friends are cooler.